Maine Coon

animals that start with m: Maine Coon

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon cat is native to the Maine location of The United States and Canada yet it is thought to have actually stemmed from an American wild cat as opposed to one more breed of residential feline.

The Maine mythology is that the Maine Coon pet cat remains in reality fifty percent pet cat as well as a fifty percent raccoon in beginning, however it is much more commonly believed to be carefully pertaining to the North American bobcat.

The Maine Coon commonly has lengthy hair although, many types that existing in Europe have shorter hair as well as are thought to be connected to the wilder European farm pet cats.

The Maine Coon is prominent residential type of cat because of its plus size, lengthy silky hair and also its tranquil and gentle nature. The Maine Coon is a smart as well as affectionate breed of cat that enjoys to be active and also to be around people and various other animals.

The Maine Coon is a huge breed feline, frequently dual the size of various other residential cat types. The Maine Coon is thought to be so large as a result of its allegedly larger wild forefathers.

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