animals that start with m: Manatee


Manatees are sometimes called sea cows, and also their weak pace lends value to the comparison. Nonetheless, in spite of their large bulk, they are elegant swimmers in coastal waters as well as rivers.

Powering themselves with their strong tails, manatees typically move along at 5 miles (8 kilometers) a hr however can swim 15 miles (24 kilometers) an hour in short ruptureds.

It is limited to exotic and subtropical waters due to the fact that it has an unusually reduced metabolic rate for a big creature and rapidly loses body heat to the surrounding water.

There are 3 types of manatee, differentiated primarily by where they live. One manatee population varies along the North American eastern coastline from Florida to Brazil. Various other types populate the Amazon River and the west coast and rivers of Africa.

The manatee, frequently called the sea cow, is the only exclusively herbivorous aquatic creature. It grazes on all type of marine plants, specifically aquatic sea turfs, aided by its large prehensile lips, which are studded with bristles.

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