Manta Ray

animals that start with m: Manta Ray

Manta Ray

The manta ray (Manta birostris) is the biggest ray and among the largest living fish. Like sharks, rays have actually skeletal systems made up of cartilege, unlike various other fish which have skeletal systems of bone.

If you are lucky adequate to see a manta ray undersea it is most likely to be one of the most elegant views you will certainly experience. Nevertheless, they can likewise swim very quick and even jump free from the water.

The manta ray could reach enormous sizes of three to 7 metres (with reports of big specimens gauging more than nine metres) from wing idea to wing idea.

They are greyish blue to greenish brownish on the upper surface and also light underneath. Manta rays have famous feeding flaps – fleshy extensions of the pectoral fins – on each side of the head. The eyes go to the top of these flaps. There are 5 gill slits on each side of the bottom of the head.

The whip-like tail is reasonably short and also there is no painful back. Men can be determined by a pair of external claspers. You can frequently see remoras or suckerfish affixed to manta rays.

The suckerfish have a big sucking disk on the top of the head with which they attach themselves to bigger fish. These ‘hitchhikers’ gain from eating scraps of food dropped by the host or feed upon skin bloodsuckers.

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