20 Intriguing Animals that Start with the Letter O

There may be so many animals that begin with the letter O but here is the list of 20 Intriguing Animal that starts with the letter O with the interesting facts about them!

Animals that Start with O

1. Oxpecker

animals that start with o: Oxpecker
source: Wikipedia.org

Oxpecker is a bird with the scientific name called Buphangus. There are two types of Oxpecker bird which are Red-billed oxpecker and yellow-billed oxpecker, they have short legs and intense claws.

They are about 20 centimetres long and they have brown feathers. They eat ticks fleas, flies, and also blood.

2. Olingo

animals that start with o: Olingo
source: autoblogger24.info

Bassaricyon is the scientific name of Olingo is the animal that lives around Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica etc.

This animal has about 40 centimetres long and around 10 kilograms weight also they have brown short fur, sharp claws and sharp teeth. They eat insects, reptiles, and fruits.

3. Opossum

animals that start with o: Opossum
source: phactual.com

Opossum or also called didelphimorphia is a mammal from Western Hemisphere. Their body is about 70 centimetres long and around 5 kilograms weight.

They are an omnivore animal that eat mice, bird, fruit or nuts. Their self-defence is pretending to die.

4. Okapi

animals that start with o: Okapi
source: macmillandictionary.com

Okapia Johnstoni is a really interesting mammal with the legs colour like zebra and their head like a horse with huge ears. They are originally from the Autonomous Republic of Congo and Upper Zaire.

The size of this herbivore animal is about 40 centimetres tall and around 250 kilograms of their weight. They can live for 30 years.

5. Otter

animals that start with o: Otter
source: bbc.co.uk

This carnivore mammal’s scientific name called Lutrinae lives in Asia, North America, Europe and North Africa.

Their size is about 1 meter long with the weight around 50 kilograms. They eat invertebrates and amphibians.

6. Onager

animals that start with o: Onager
source: elelur.com

Onager’s scientific name called Equus heminous or known as hemione is the animal with the bigger size in types of a donkey. Their species live in Israel, Syria, Iran, India, Pakistan, and Tibet.

They have a brown body with the white colour underneath and dark hair. Even though they have short legs they can also run fast.

The size of Onager is around 2 meters in length and 200 kilograms of weight. They eat grass and plants.

7. Oropendola

animals that start with o: Oropendola
source: ambergriscaye.com

This Psacorolious bird is the type of blackbird that originally from South and Central America. They have dark brownish feathers with the bright yellow tail.

The size of this bird is around 50 centimetres long. They eat insects and fruits.

8. Oryx

animals that start with o: oryx
source: kingofwallpapers.com

Orynx lives in desert areas around Africa and Arabian Penninsula. They’re about 2 meters long and 200 kilograms weight.

They have horns, short fur and a thick neck. The colour of their body is mostly brown with black in their legs.

9. Ozark big-eared bat

animals that start with o: Ozark big-eared bat
source: francescaemilysmith.weebly.com

Corynorhinus townsendii ingens is the scientific name of this bat. They live in Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.

They’re about 10 centimetres long and their weight around 10 grams. They eat small pests and insects.

10. Ovenbird

animals that start with o: Ovenbird
source: animalia-life.club

The scientific name of this bird called Seiurus aurocapillus is small bird around 14 centimetres long with 18 grams weight that found in North America.

They live in the ground of forest to prey on small insects and invertebrates.

11. Octopus

animals that start with o: Octopus
source: treehugger.com

This octopod is known as the clever invertebrate animal that lives in the sea. Their size is about 1 meter in length and 10 kilograms weight.

They eat on crabs, crayfish, and molluscs. They are very common in using their ink to protect themselves.

12. Ocelot

animals that start with o: Ocelot
source: Pinterest.com

Leopardus pardalis is a carnivore animal that also known as the painted leopard. They originate from South America.

This leopard prey on rabbit, iguana, rodent, fish and frogs at night. They are a good swimmer as the type of cats. Ocelot has the same colour like jaguar and leopard.

13. Orca (Killer Whale)

animals that start with o: Orca
source: sites.psu.edu

You may know this animal from their black and white colour, they are very common of their intelligent. They live in almost every part of the sea.

14. Orangutan

animals that start with o: Orangutan
source: orangutan.com

Pongo or Red Ape is a mammal that has a reddish brown colour and has about 200 pounds of their weight and they have long arms about 2 meters long also their height is about 1 meter. They spend their time on branches.

15. Oriole

animals that start with o: Oriole
source: Audubon.org

Oriole or Baltimore Oriole is a symbol of Maryland. The scientific name of this bird is Icterus galbula, this bird is originally from Maryland.

The colour of this bird is black wings and head but they have orang golden underneath their body.

16. Osprey

animals that start with o: Osprey
source: Audubon.org

This Aves is called Pandion haliaetus, they live near fish ponds, rivers, and lakes. They usually prey on fish to hunt them they dive in the surface of the water.

Although they are similar to eagle, they battle at food and often Osprey has to drop their fish to the eagle.

17. Ostrich

animals that start with o: Ostrich
source: dreamlandia.com

Ostrich or Common Ostrich is a bird originally from Africa. This animal takes long trip to find food, they can walk to 45 miles for only 30 minutes. Ostrich eats plant, seeds, and small reptiles.

Did you know that Ostrich is the largest bird in the world? Although they are flightless bird they use their legs to run and kick.

18. Owl

animals that start with o: Owl
source: http://dreamicus.com

Owl or Strigiformes is a bird with ability to rotate their heads to 180 degrees also they have strong legs, claws, and beak.

Their feathers is very thick and they do have feathers in their feet to protect themselves from cold weather.

You may found this Aves everywhere especially in the woodland, damp, and old trees, except Antartica.

19. Oyster

animals that start with o: Oyster
source: themagicoyster.com

You may know Oyster as food but they’re actually animal from Ostridae family. The colour of their shells are typically whiteish grey and porcelain white. Fun fact! Oyster can produce pearl from the inside of their shells.

20. Ox

animals that start with o: Ox
source: kidssearch.com

Ox or you may know this as bullocks is huge mammal with horn, this animal is commonly work in pair use for transport such as to pull the carts or wagon. The Ox is usually use to help carry the heavy weights.

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