animals that start with o: Ocelot


The ocelot, or the painted leopard as it is often recognized, is a tool sized wildcat, native to the jungles of South The U.S.A.. The ocelot is found as far north as Texas in the USA and also there are also huge populations of the ocelot in both Mexico and also the Caribbean islands.

The ocelot has actually dappled fur that functions as camouflage in the forests of South as well as Central The U.S.A.. Twice the size of the average house pet cat, the ocelot is a smooth pet with a gorgeous spotted layer.

These mainly nocturnal pet cats use eager sight and hearing to quest rabbits, rodents, iguanas, fish, as well as frogs. They also require to the trees and stalk monkeys or birds. Unlike lots of cats, they do not prevent water as well as could swim well.

The ocelot tends to be about 1 meter in size with a tail, half the size of the body of the ocelot in addition to that. The ocelot has huge resemblances in appearance to residential feline, with the most noticeable of these resemblances being the tiny sized head of the ocelot.

The fur of the ocelot has very similar markings to the hair of a leopard or a jaguar definition that the ocelot was hunted intensely for several years.

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