animals that start with o: Okapi


Okapi (Okapia johnstoni) is a giraffe-like animal endemic discovered in jungles of Upper Zaire and also the Autonomous Republic of Congo.

Adults stand to concerning 150-170 cm at shoulder length, 210 cm in body size, consider around 210-250 kg as well as with an average of 30-42 centimeters tall.

It has deep reddish-brown coat and a distinctive zebra-like red stripes on its upper legs and also hindquarters. Developed a lot more like a zebra, the okapi has a horse-like head, thick neck with black muzzle, huge ears and also a prehensile tongue.

This long, sticky black/blue tongue measuring regarding 30 cm is used to strip leaves, to clean its ears as well as to clean its eyelids. Life expectancy in captivity is about Three Decade.

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