animals that start with o: Ostrich


The ostrich is the largest bird in the world. It is flightless as well as relies upon strong legs with 2 clawed toes made use of for running and also kicking.

Males are black with white wing and tail plumes, while females are brownish gray. With its large body, long, slim, bare neck, tiny head as well as little wings relative to its body, the ostrich looks unpleasant and also out of proportion.

The ostrich can not fly, however this bird could run, traveling approximately 45 miles per hour for as long 30 minutes.

Ostriches typically develop mixed-sex herds and take a trip cross countries in search of lawn as well as plants for food.

At once the ostrich can be found throughout Africa and also West Asia. Today, their house variety has actually lowered to only eastern and also southerly Africa.

Ostriches are really versatile grazers. They will feed on turfs, bushes, berries, seeds as well as succulents. They also consume pests and also little reptiles, which they chase in an unpleasant zigzag pattern.

For brief amount of times, ostriches can depend on the plants they consume for water, but they require open water resources for long term survival.

Ostriches generally eat plants, origins, and seeds but will certainly additionally eat bugs, reptiles, or other animals readily available in their often extreme habitat.

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