animals that start with o: Owl


Owls have short, thick bodies; strong, connected beaks, and also powerful feet with sharp claws, or talons. Many owls have feathers on their legs as well as toes. The feathers secure them from the cold.

There are tufts of plumes that stick up like ears on an owl’s face. Yet they typically aren’t ears in all! Actually, nobody knows exactly what they are for.

How unusual. An owl’s large ear openings are on the sides of its head. The rigid plumes around the eyes act like an antenna. They show sound towards the ear openings.

Owls live almost anywhere in the world where there is land, except Antarctica as well as some islands. Some owls like dark, damp woodlands of old trees. Others pick warm, dry areas or hot, sandy deserts.

Some owls live high in the mountains, others in deep canyons or near swamps. Some live inside caves-or even under the ground. Some owls like cities or farms, where they rest on buildings or fence posts.

One owl, the snowy owl, even resides on the frozen tundra. The expanse is a big, nearly level of the Artic region. There are no trees in the expanse.

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