Proboscis Monkey

animals that start with p : Proboscis Monkey

Proboscis Monkey

The proboscis monkey or long-nosed monkey, is a reddish-brown monkey that is widespread on the island of Borneo, Malaysia. It is located living along shores, swamps as well as mangrove forests.

A remarkable function of this arboreal ape is the male’s big, fleshy nose that could reach up to 7 inches long. Juveniles have blackish hair as well as blue face with relatively typical nose. Grownups are generally reddish-brown in shade and with grayish limbs.

On average, males expand to about 72 centimeters in size as well as weighing approximately 24 kg. Proboscis ape feeds mainly on fallen leaves, mangrove shoots, fruits as well as seed. The IUCN detailed this ape as Endangered.

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