25 Gorgeous Animals That Start With Letter S

Nature provides us with so many species of animals in this world but how many animals that actually starts with the letter S? Can you mention them?

Animals That Start With S

Today, I will show you 25 gorgeous animals that start with letter S that maybe you haven’t known them before!

1. Salamander

animals that start with s: Salamander

This silky looking body amphibia’s scientific name called Urodela lives in the wet area like damp to stay wet and moist.

There are so many kinds of Salamander, one of them can have around 180 centimetres long but there is also some kind of short salamander.

They have 4 legs and long tail, their body is different depends on their kinds. The way they protect themselves with losing their tail to escape from the predators.

2. Scorpion

animals that start with s: Scorpion

You may really recognize this terrifying animal, yes they’re categorized as predators. Scorpion has four legs and claws, the dreadful thing about this animal is the tail. Their tail is used to protect themselves.

3. Salmon

animals that start with s: salmon

Who doesn’t love salmon? This fish is in the family of Salmonidae and the smallest in the 7 Pacific in their family.

The characteristic of this fish is the size of their body is around 60 until 80 centimetres long and their weight can reach to 7 kilos.

4. Sea Dragon

animals that start with s: Sea dragon

Well, this is not the dragon that lives in the sea but more likely a type of fish. The other names of this sea dragon called leafy seadragon or glauret’s seadragon. These fish lives in the kelp and seaweed.

They have a very slim body in bony rings and also the thin tail, unlike seahorse they cannot grasp. They have around 30 centimetres long.

5. Shark

animals that start with s: Shark

Of course, the shark is one of the animals that start with the letter S! Shark or Selachimorpha as their scientific name is the most popular fish that very greedy at hunting and eating.

The special thing about this animal is their sharp row teeth. There are so many kinds of sharks with a different shape, one of them name pygmy shark which only has about 20 centimetres long.

6. Shrimp

animals that start with s: Shrimp

Some people love this aquatic crustacean as seafood, they live everywhere in this world and you may find them in the water right in the bottom.

Shrimps are tiny animals and they’re invertebrate animal yet they have an exoskeleton that makes them hard to see.

7. Skunk

animals that start with s: Skunk

Polecat is the other name of skunk, this animal is very well-known of the self-defence of their scenting smell. They would spray the unpleasant smell from their tail. Their smell can last until 3 meters away, wow!

8. Sloth

animals that start with s: Sloth

You may recognize this cute animal from South America and Central America. This animal is also known as Folivora as the scientific name.

They have a small head, eyes, and ears. You may not see their small tail because it hides under their fur. Their rough thick hair lives termites and ticks.

9. Sheep

animals that start with s: Sheep

This species has lots of type of lamb, there are about more than 1,300 types. Their white thick hair is very common to use it as wool and other materials.

10. Snake

animals that start with s: Snake

The scientific name for this reptile is called Serpentes. This reptile comes in so many different sizes, the great snake-like anaconda can reach into 30 feet long. They usually catch their target with their poisonous mouth.

11. Spider

animals that start with s:

Spider is an arthropod that has head and 8 legs and 8 eyes. To know that their victim is around them they use their little hairs to track their victim nearby.

There are so many kinds of spiders from the yellow colour in their body to black. Fun fact! The female ones are so much bigger than the males!

12. Squid

animals that start with s: Squid

The scientific name of squid is teuthids. Squid is just like an octopus, theyre categorize as marine cephalopods.

They have eight arms and tentacles, however, some squids have 10 arms. The oldest squid that has been found has 15 years to live.

13. Squirrel

animals that start with s: Squirrel

The family of squirrel called Sciuridae, these creatures is a rodent animal. The size of a squirrel can be just 13 centimetres which is the pygmy type from Africa. They have four front teeth that keep growing.

Some of the squirrels like to hibernate during the winter season. There is also the type of squirrel that flies, they use their tails to keep the balance.

14. Stork

animals that start with s: Stork

Stork is an Aves that lives around the pool or the area with fresh waters or swamps. They’re a tall bird with long legs also has a featherless head. They usually breed in the dry season.

15. Sperm Whale

animals that start with s:

You may know this whale with the name cachalot, this whale is a giant animal with a spherical head. The females sperm whale is normally smaller than males. They have uncountable sperms in their head called spermaceti.

16. Seahorse

animals that start with s: Seahorse

Hippocampus as their scientific name is known as monogamous fish. Their way to swim strangely is with the back of their head used for steering and they use their fin to push themselves.

17. Sea Star

animals that start with s: Sea Star

You may know sea star as starfish, this sea star has echinoderms in their body wall. The characteristic of this animal is in their arms there are the eyes and on underneath their body there is a mouth.

Their tube feet is used for swimming.

18. Sea Urchin

animals that start with s: Sea Urchin

Cake urchin is relatives to sea star. The scientific name of this animal called Echinoidea. There are about 950 species and you may found them in the 5,000 meters in the sea. Their eggs is very common to study.

19. Sea Slug

animals that start with s: Sea Slug

This animal is known as gastropod mollusc, the slug has no shells. They just like snails without its shells.

There are so many kinds of species of sea slug, there are also so many kinds of them from the size of millimetres to 30centimetres.

20. Sumatran Rhinoceros

animals that start with s: Sumatran Rhinoceros

This animal is the tiniest in their rhinoceros, they are only less than 250 centimetres. They live in damps and lowland in the rainforest. They are only found in the Sumatra which is in Borneo.

21. Sumatran Tiger

animals that start with s: Sumatran Tiger

This tiger is the smallest tigers in the world, they are about 2 metres long. They found in the Sumatra Indonesia only lives in the swamp forest. This Sumatran Tiger is endangered there are only 500 species left in Sumatra.

22. Sumatran Orangutan

animals that start with s: Sumatran Orang-utan

This Borneon Orangutan is also known as a red ape. They live in a group to find foods. The size of orangutan can be reached to around 4 feet and have 45 kilograms weight.

23. Swan

animals that start with s: Swan

Swan is the aquatic bird that lives in the hemisphere in northern and southern. The difference between them is that the northern has white feathers while the southern has white and black feathers.

24. Sparrow

animals that start with s: Sparrow

This tiny bird almost lives in every continent. They have rounded head, 10 centimetres height. They are actually carnivores but they tend to change their habit around people.

25. Saola

animals that start with s: Saola

The last but not least, Saola is also known as Asian unicorn! They live in the woodlands of Vietnam and Laos. This animal is very uncommon and very rare, they are one of the endangered animals.

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