Sea Star

animals that start with s: Sea Star

Sea Star

Sea celebrities are echinoderms, along with fragile stars, plume stars, sea urchins and sea cucumbers. ‘Echinos’ is a Greek acceptation ‘spiny’ and ‘derm’ implies ‘skin’. This is due to the fact that all echinoderms have plates in their body wall. These plates could either be large or microscopic.

The skeletons of these pets are frequently seen washed up on the beach, without the remarkable colours they are understood for when to life.

Online pets are generally red, orange, pink or yellow but grey, green, blue or purple ones can also be seen. These fascinating marine pets include a main disc and also 5 or even more radiating arms.

At the pointer of each arm is a little red eye and underneath the body is a main mouth. Turn a real-time one over and you will certainly see its tube feet, each with a suction disc at the pointer, which it uses to stir.

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