tammar wallaby

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Tammar Wallaby

The Tammar wallaby (Macropus eugenii), is the smallest wallaby types belonging to South as well as Western Australia.

Additionally called the Dama, Pamma, or Darma Wallaby, it occupies seaside scrub, woodland, and dense greenery. A nocturnal, herbivorous pet, a tammar wallaby feeds largely on lawn and also leaves.

An adult male procedures around 59– 68 centimeters in body length with a 12 inch long tail as well as weighs 10-22 pounds. Males are bigger than ladies. It has a small head, large ears and long, conical tail. Normally, this marsupial has a grayish-brown coat with somewhat lighter bottoms.

Unlike various other macropods, they do not reproduce all the time. Ladies obtain expecting in concerning a month and afterwards bring to life a solitary joey for 8-9 months. Tammar wallabies could live concerning nine years.

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