Toque Macaque

Animals that start with t: Toque Macaque

Toque Macaque

The toque macaque (Macaca sinica) is a stocky, reddish-brown Vintage monkey citizen just to Sri Lanka. Recognized for its shaped twist of hair on its head, the toque macaque lives in soldiers, sometimes numbering up to 20.

There are 2 subspecies of Toque Macaque particularly: the Dryzone toque macaque and also the Wetzone toque macaque.

Toque macaques have brownish to gold yellow body, cheek pouches, a well-formed caplike whorl of hair emitting outside from the center of the head.

They have a dusky brown to gold yellow body, cheek pouches, black ears, brief arm or legs as well as tails. Adults determine around 43-45 cm long as well as consider around 3.4-4.3 kg. Males have the tendency to be bigger in dimension compared to ladies.

An arboreal, terrestrial, diurnal, as well as omnivorous pet, its diet plan includes: fruits, nuts, seeds, bulbs, as well as small animals like reptiles and also birds.

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