Animals that start with t: Tuatara


Tuatara (Rhynchocephalia), are uncommon, medium-sized reptiles that when extensive on mainland New Zealand. Nonetheless, because of threatened habitat loss as well as death caused by killer and individuals; their population is now constrained to 32 rodent-free overseas islands.

They are greenish brownish in shade having a characteristic teeth plan never seen before in other reptiles. Unlike other reptiles, these distinct reptiles have two rows of teeth in the upper jaw as well as a single row in the upper jaw.

They have spiny crests on their back, and also have a “third eye” (parietal eye)– an explicit photo-receptive eyes. On average, tuatara reaches up to 80 centimeters from head to tail-tip and around 1.3 kilos in weight.

These nocturnal meat-eating reptiles feed mainly on birds” eggs, beetles, frogs, bugs, crawlers, and little reptiles as well as creatures. Tuatara could live up to 100 years old and are understood to replicate up until they are 60 years old. They just mate every 4 or 5 years.

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