11 Fascinating Animals that Start with the Letter U

It might be such a surprise when we realize that there are a lot of animal’s name which sounds not famous and uncommon.

Especially the animal which is starting with letter U as it is rare and most of them are unique and may we never found it before.

Animals that Start with U

While in fact, the animal kingdom provides thousands of odd-looking, incredible, and impressive animals.

Below are the animal which you will know after read this of 11 animals that start with letter U:

1. Uromastyx Lizard

animals that start with u: Uromastyx Lizard
source: deerfernfarms.com

This animal is categorized as lizard of agamid family members. Uromastyx Lizard also called Spiny-tailed reptile and has 18 extant varieties which is acknowledged by taxonomists.

It can be found in the Middle East, South-Central Asia, and North Africa. They live in rocky and hilly areas which is easy to be accessed of the plants.

This species can grow up 10 to 36 inches long and has some shade ranges of colors such as blue, eco-friendly, brownish, tan or yellow, and orange.

Physically, you can recognize this animal with its brief nose, spiny tail, and muscular legs.

They are herbivorous even though sometimes they eat bugs when young. This lizard has a lifetime of 10 up to 15 years.

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2. Umbrellabird

animals that start with u : Umbrellabird
source: icesi.edu.co

This exotic black bird is really adorable. Physically it is large and has black color on its whole body. It can be found in the jungles especially around South and Central of the USA.

This animal has 3 differents of varieties such as Long-Wattled Umbrellabird, Bare-Necked Umbrellabird, and the Amazonian Umbrellabird.

All these three types of Umbrellabird are having fairly comparable for its appearance with the umbrella-like crest on the top of it heads and also pendant-shaped which is blow up bag on their throats.

Before the environment loss, this species was becoming the biggest species of perching bird in the South of USA.

3. Uakari

animals that start with u: Uakari
source: Steptothehorizon.blogspot.com

This Uakari is similar to the monkey’s species. They have four extant types with its strange-looking, such as The Black-headed Uakari, The Hairless Uakari, The Ayres Uakari, and The Hairless Uakari.

They can be recognized with short bushy tail around 15 up to 18 cm and also their hairless red face. For adult Uakari, they can grow up 40 to 45 centimeters with the weight around 2 to 3 kg.

This animal also has long and loose body fur which come in some various colors such as brownish to orange.

They live in troops and feed some seeds, bugs, flowers, and leaves. The female Uakaris can bring a baby in every 2 years.

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4. Unicorn Fish

animals that start with u: Unicorn Fish
source: petguide.com

Unicorn fish also called as Naso unicornis which has around 17 species of marine fishes. They live in Indo-Pacific areas and you can found these incredible fishes in spot coral reef, reef, and tropical locations.

This animal eat leafed brown algae as their main food. This beautiful fish can grow up to 51 – 61 cm long.

Physically, they have hornlike appendage which is sticking out in the temple and the position is in between the eyes.

Besides, it has little teeth, a row of sharp, smotth skin, and slim and tubular forms of body.

They can change their color immediately depend on the atmosphere and mood. It is an amazing fish.

5. Urva

animals that start with u: Urva
source: wikipedia.org

This Herpestes urva is belonging to the mongoose types. It can be found in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, and South of China.

This animal can be recognized with its grey color and mark with white red stripes from the neck to the chest.

Besides, it has sharp nose, stout body, hind feet sporting hirsute soles, and the bushy tail. This animal can easily eat crabs, birds, frogs, fish, reptiles, bugs, snails, and rats.

They can live in scrubby locations, farming lands, forest, and near the water.

6. Uguisu

animals that start with u: Uguisu
source: multiculturalbeauty.about.com

Uguisu also called as The Japanese Bush Warbler or Cettia diphone. This animal can be found around Japan and China, also Philippines and Taiwan.

This beautiful bird can be easily seen on the trees and bamboo thickets especially on the spring season. It has olive brownish color and darker on the wing and tail.

Besides, you can see the beautiful tiny dark eyes with pale eyebrows on this bird. They can grow up until 15.5 cm and they eat flies, beetles, grasshoppers, worms, and moths.

7. Ural Owl

animals that start with u:Ural Owl
source: finnature.com

The Ural Owl is called also as Strix uralensis and it has 15 types of medium-large nighttime owl. It can be found in around North Asia and Europe.

It has sports a grey-brown tuft with dark brownish stripes. The eyes are black, brief rounded tail, and orange-yellow expense.

They can grow up to 50 – 61 centimeters with the weight around 500 – 730 g. Besides, the wingspan is about 110 to 133 centimeters.

8. Uria

animals that start with u: Uria
source: vogeltrackers.nl

This beautiful Common Murre or Uria aalge is categorized as huge seabird which are staying in low-Arctic and boreal waters in the North-Atlantic also North Pacific.

They spend most of their time at sea and come to the land just to reproduce on high cliffs and rough shores. Their egg is incubated on bare rock before its cracking and open.

For the men Uria, they can grow up 38 to 46 centimeters with 61 – 73 cm wingspan. The weight is about 945 – 1044 gram.

Physically, it has dark head, brief wings, dark sharp expense, and white belly. They eat fishes, squid, marine worms, and krill.

9. Ulysses Butterfly

animals that start with u: Ulysses Butterfly
source: wall.alphacoders.com

This beautiful butterfly can be found on every continent in this world besides Antartica. They can live in the majority of exotic place such as Northern islands of Australia, North Queensland, and Papua New Guinea.

They are staying at below Canopy in a Rainforest. You can recognize this butterfly with its plain brown color under their wings and has metal blue wings with black border around.

Its electrical blue wings such a specialty of this bird and they have 4 wings which are overlap. They can grow up to 100 – 130 mm. They can eat the nectar of flowers.

10. Uganda Kob

animals that start with u: Uganda Kob
source: birdfinders.co.uk

This Uganda Kob or Kobus kob thomasi is the part of kob subspecies. It is a kind of antelope which you can found it in sub-Saharan Africa such as in Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Physically, it has reddish-brown in general as their specialty which make it is different from another kob subspecies.

11. Uinta ground squirrel

animals that start with u: Uinta ground squirrel
source: naturetime.files.wordpress.com

The Uinta ground squirrel or Urocitellus armatus is called also as a Potgut in north Utah. It lives in the western of USA.

They grow up from 28 to 30 cm or 11 to 12 inches with the weight around 210 gram especially when they emerge from hibernation.

It has brownis to cinnamon color on its fur, grey on the sides of the head and neck, and being paler on the bottom part. The tail is about 6 – 8 cm with grey underside. The female Uinta Ground Squirrel has 10 teethes.

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