animals that start with u: Uakari


The Uakaris are four extant types of strange-looking apes populating jungle along the River basin. The 4 types are:

The Hairless Uakari, The Black-headed Uakari, The Neblina Uakari, and also The Ayres Uakari. They are quickly recognized by their hairless red face and a short bushy tail determining around 15-18 cm.

Adults gauge 40-45 centimeters in body size as well as weigh in between 2 to 3 kg. They have long, loose body fur that varies from reddish brownish to orange.

These active as well as active monkeys live in troops that may include near a hundred pets. They forage throughout the day. They feed generally on seeds, leaves, flowers and some bugs. Women Uakaris bring to life one spawn every 2 years.

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