Unicorn Fish

animals that start with u: Unicorn Fish

Unicorn Fish

Unicorn fish (Naso unicornis) makes up 17 species of marine fishes widespread in the waters of the Indo-Pacific area. These incredible fishes live in reef, spot coral reef, and also rough tropical locations feeding mainly on leafed brown algae.

Grownups can expand to around 51-61 cm long. They could quickly be recognized by their hornlike appendage sticking out in the temple, right in between the eyes.

This bony horn can reach 13 cm in length. A non-aggressive fish, it has smooth skin and also a body that comes in flattened, slim, and also tubular forms.

In addition, this amazing fish has a row of sharp, little teeth as well as a set of sharp forward-pointing spinal columns on either side of the tail. Unicorn fish can immediately change color depending on its atmosphere and also its mood.

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