Uromastyx Lizard

animals that start with u: Uromastyx Lizard

Uromastyx Lizard

The Uromastyx or the Spiny-tailed reptile is a category of lizard in the agamid family members. There have to do with 18 extant varieties of Uromastyx properly acknowledged by taxonomists.

These agamids are popular for the rings of spiked ranges covering the top side of their tail. The Uromastyx reptiles are discovered in North Africa, the Middle East and throughout south-central Asia. These magnificent reptiles live in hilly, rocky areas abundant with easily accessible plants.

Relying on the species, the Uromastyx or sometimes called dabb reptile, can grow to be about 10 to 36 inches long. Shade ranges from blue, brownish, eco-friendly, orange, tan or yellow.

It has a brief nose, muscular legs, as well as spiny tail. These magnificent reptiles are largely herbivorous, however sometimes eat bugs, specifically when young. It has a lifetime of 10 to 15 years.

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