5 Amazing Animals That Start With the Letter V

Yes, there are so many animals in this world with so many different alphabets. To mention at least 5 animals that begin with the letter V is kind of hard.

Animals That Start With the Letter V

That’s why we made the list of 5 amazing animals that start with the letter V that you may never hear before in the below!

1. Vampire Bat

animals that start with v : vampire bat
source: kids.nationalgeographic.com

The scientific name of this animal is called Desmodontinae and they are in the family of Phyllostomidae, just like its name (vampire) this bat drink blood only also called Hematophagy.

You may find this vampire bat around the abandoned building in Mexico and Central America. This mammal also likes sleep in a day in the blackness in a cave. They live in a group around hundreds of them.

The characteristic of this vampire bat is the head like a pig with two front sharp fangs and big ears also they have good strong legs and claws in their wings use to climb the victim which their wings can reach around 20 centimetres.

Unlike the other types of bat, this vampire bat can jump, run, and walk. The colour of their body is mostly brownish grey.

Fun fact about this animal is that this vampire bat uses their nose to find the vein of the victim with the heat sensors, sounds, and smell.

They would drink blood from mammal-like cows, pigs, or birds, do not worry human is not their choice to get blood from! Did you know that a vampire bat can die if they do not find blood for a couple of nights in a row?

2. Vervet Monkey

animals that start with v : Vervet Monkey
source: bradtguides.com

You may know this monkey as the name of Vervet or the scientific name is Chlorocebus pygerythrus.

This monkey is very common in the area of East Africa practically in the mountain like woodlands near streams or lake and they do not live in the rainforest or even in the desert also they like to stay in the trees but when they need foods they will come to the ground.

There are about 5 kinds of sub-species that found in Africa.

The colour of their body is greyish silvery with the black face including their ears, the nose also their tails downward shaped, their hands and their feet are about the same length.

However, they have white whiskers around their head. The weight of this monkey is around 6 kilograms for the males while females only 4 kilograms the length is about 1 meter.

This primate is omnivore animal and they usually eat plants, flowers, or even insects. They breed around March and May.

Did you know that females vervet monkey never leaves the group while the males usually emigrate with their group?

3. Vulture

animals that start with v : Vulture
source: dreamicus.com

Vulture or the bird of prey since it has a strong name, they also consider as strong bird with sharp sight, strong muscles and great wings.

There are two varieties of vulture which are New World Vulture and Old World Vulture, the difference between the two is that Old World Vulture have strong legs compares to the New World Vulture.

Their feathers mostly have a vibrant colour like white with black tails also their black wings. They have different colour of their heads and necks depends on their varieties like yellow, orange, or red.

Their neck and head are featherless. Their strong beak is used to tearing muscles, meat, even bones. Vulture never eats the healthy animal they prefer to prey on sick animal or wounded animal.

The vulture’s way to eat is the smaller vulture must wait until the bigger vulture left over the food.

The special thing about this animal is if one bird knows there’s an animal that dying the group of them will follow even when they’re miles away.

The type of Back Vulture can live to 10 years while the King vulture can live to 30 years!

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4. Viper

animals that start with v : Viper
source: wallpapercave.com

Viper snake or the Viperidae is the snake that has venom. You may find them in the desert to rainforest also lots of areas in this world including Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar, Hawaii and etc.

This viper snake has venom on their fangs which also called solenoglyphous, they would bite the victim with their top jaws to infuse it.

They have very special fangs which can hide when they do not use them and their mouth also can open to 180 degrees.

Viper usually eats smaller animals the way they attack the victim use lots of stab than bite and usually very quick.

The size of the viper snake are different from each variety the Namaqua dwarf viper in southern Africa is less than around 25 centimetres while bushmaster from Amazon of Central America is about 3 metres.

In the self-defence viper don’t inject venom on non-prey like the human, they use dry bite that usually needs time to have the venom back, that may make the snake weaker.

Fun fact about this snake, viper is a nocturnal snake that attack their victim at night!

5. Vicuna

animals that start with v : Vicunna
source: tourandhotels.com

Vicuna’s scientific name is vicugna is the wild south America camelids that lives in Andes and guanaco around Peru, Argentina, and Chile. This mammal is still related to the llama.

They have a brown body with white accent on their side, head and legs also they have small heads and small ears, however, their head is shorter and ears are longer than the guanaco type.

They’re known with their expensive soft wool due to the shorn can only happen every 3 years when the hair is ready around 2.5 centimetres. Vicuna has about 1.50 metres with the weight around 60 kilograms.

Vicuna eats short grass that left from others animals and they drink salt water. They can live without water for several days. The good thing about this animal is that their population is increasing.

Although their hair is considered short, they prefer to live in the cold weather. Fun fact! Vicuna is the shy animal they would run quickly when others creatures are approaching.

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