vampire bat

animals that start with v : vampire bat

Vampire Bat

Bats are the only animals that can fly, but vampire bats have an even more fascinating difference– they are the only creatures that feed totally on blood.

These notorious bats rest during the day in total darkness, put on hold upside down from the roof coverings of caverns. They commonly gather in colonies of about 100 pets, yet in some cases reside in groups of 1,000 or even more.

The Vampire bat looks type of like a pig with fangs and big pointy ears. The Vampire bat has to do with 3 inches long as well as has a wingspan of regarding 8 inches. It considers about 1 ounce. It has strong legs.

The Vampire bat has a clawed thumb that appears of the leading edge of the wing. Its coat is dark gray-brown. Its mouth has 2 sharp front teeth. It strolls by lifting itself up on its back legs as well as wrists. A thumb claw protrudes from the front of its wings. It uses this for climbing up around on its target.

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