Animals That Start with W:


There are 3 varieties of walrus. The Atlantic walrus, the Pacific walrus and the Laptev walrus located in the Laptev Sea. The walrus is most closely pertaining to the seal and also although the walrus and the seal are certainly comparable, the walrus has some distinguishing characteristics such as the big tusks on the face of the walrus.

Walruses have bigger upper canine teeth, or tusks, up to 3 feet long. The walrus uses its tusks to chop breathing openings in ice and also to obtain from water onto floes, stabbing the ice as it hoists up its body.

The walrus is a large marine mammal that has fins to assist it swim. The walrus is located in the colder waters of the Northern Hemisphere, however the walrus is much more adapted particularly to the conditions of the Arctic Circle.

The walrus has a carnivorous diet which generally consists of shellfish and also echinoderms such as starfish and sea urchins. Periodically the walrus will search fish, seals and also young whales. The walrus uses it’s substantial tusks to hold bigger victim down so that the walrus could after that consume it.

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