Water Dragon

Animals That Start with W: Water Dragon

Water Dragon

The water dragon is a huge varieties of lizard belonging to the woodlands as well as forests of Asia as well as Australia. Water dragons are arboreal animals meaning that they spend a lot of their time in the trees, often close to a large body of water.

There are 2 various varieties of water dragon, which are the Australian water dragon and the Asian water dragon. The Australian water dragon is the smaller sized of both water dragon varieties and also is found on the east shore of Australia.

Australian water dragons have powerful legs as well as sharp claws which assist them to climb up trees more effectively.

The Oriental water dragon is the bigger and more colourful of both water dragon types and also is found in woodlands as well as jungles throughout India, China, Laos, Vietnam, Burma and also Thailand.

The Oriental water dragon additionally has a pineal eye (referred to as the pineal gland), which is believed to have the ability to spot difference in light.

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