Animals That Start with W: Wolverine


Wolverines belong to among the biggest carnivore households; the mustelid. This group consists of skunks, otters, minks, polecats, badgers and, naturally, wolverines.

Their hair is generally blackish with light bands along the sides and rump. The wolverine uses its big teeth and also effective jaws to squash huge bones and consume meat that has been frozen in the unrelenting Arctic winter months.

The wolverine additionally has long, sharp, effective claws that the wolverine uses to capture it’s prey and to safeguard itself from killers and also other wolverines. The wolverine also uses it’s claws for climbing up as well as excavating.

The wolverine is located throughout Canada, Europe, parts of The United States and Canada and also the Polar circle where the wolverines inhabit hilly regions and also dense forests. Wolverines are likewise understood to venture into more open areas such as plains as well as farmland when they are in search of food.

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