Animals That Start with the Letter W


This huge, pudgy animal is a marsupial, or pouched animal. Like other marsupials, wombats bring to life little, undeveloped young that creep into pouches on their moms’ stomaches. A wombat baby stays in its mom’s pouch for regarding 5 months before arising.

Even after it leaves the bag, the young animal will regularly crawl back in to nurse or to escape risk. By about 7 months old, a young wombat could care for itself.

Usual wombats reside in southeastern Australia and also Tasmania. They prefer heath, coastal scrub as well as open woodland environments, where the dirt tends to be loose and also simple to dig. Wombats love to tunnel.

They are, actually, the world’s biggest delving animals. With broad, squashed heads, portable bodies, short, effective arm or legs and wide, large-clawed feet, excavating is a cinch for the typical wombat.

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