Animals That Start with W:


The wrasses are a family, Labridae, of marine fish, much of which are vibrantly tinted. The family is large and varied, with over 600 types in 82 genera, which are split right into 9 subgroups or people.

They are normally little fish, the majority of them less than 20 cm (7.9 in) long, although the largest, the humphead wrasse, could measure up to 2.5 m (8.2 feet).

They are efficient predators, preying on a large range of tiny invertebrates. Several smaller wrasses follow the feeding paths of bigger fish, picking up invertebrates disrupted by their passing.

Juveniles of some representatives of the category Bodianus, Epibulus, Cirrhilabrus, Oxycheilinus, and Paracheilinus conceal among the arms of the free-living mushroom coral reefs Heliofungia actiniformis.

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