X-Ray Tetra

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X-Ray Tetra

The X-Ray Tetra (Pristella maxillaris), additionally as called the Golden Pristella Tetra, is a little types of schooling fish that occupies the coastal waters of the Amazon.com River.

It is the most searched for freshwater fish maintained in man-made aquariums today. One of the most characteristic function of this vibrant fish is its near transparent body, which works as security from predators.

Moreover, the types sporting activities a really captivating color pattern– a noticeably banded dorsal as well as rectal fins painted in white, black and yellow color.

Also, the caudal fin has a striking light red or pink pigmentation, and also has a re-tipped tail. The X-Ray Tetra could get to 5 cm (2 -3 inches) in size.

Normally, both sexes are extremely comparable in appearance, though ladies are much larger as well as rounder compared to men. Like other tetras, the species generally prey on little pests, marine plants, tiny shrimp, worms and various other planktonic pets.

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