animals that start with x : Xenops


Xenops is any of three extant types of passerine birds in the bird family members Furnariidae. The species live in tropical rain forests of Mexico, Central America as well as South The U.S.A..

The three types consist of: Level Xenops (Xenops minutus), Slender-billed Xenops, (Xenops tenuirostris), and Spotted Xenops (Xenops rutilans.) The types, recognized for its rapid, sharp-sounding track, measures regarding 12.5 cm (5 in) long.

This lesser-known bird is easily recognized by its close to level beak with upward curved pointer (other than in the Slender-billed Xenops), lengthy tail, buff or Rufous wing stripe as well as brown underparts. It feeds mainly on pests (particularly ants) by hammering open rotting stumps or bare branches.

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