Yellow-billed Kingfisher

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Yellow-billed Kingfisher

The Yellow-billed Kingfisher (Syma torotoro) is a medium-sized kingfisher extensive in New Guinea as well as in north Australia. This interesting bird likes monsoon forest and also rain forest as environment.

The varieties feeds upon earthworms, reptiles as well as bigger pests. Adult males gauge 20 cm long, with a wingspan of concerning 29 centimeters, and also evaluate around 40 g. It has a big head, a tough body, long sharp expense, white throat, and also wide blue tail.

This highly territorial tree kingfisher is widely known for its particular yellow coloration. Usually, the head as well as neck are orange in color with black spots on the nape.

It has dark olive-black flight plumes and a boring green-blue upperwings. Voice: calls consist of loud, repeated whistling trills. Conservation standing: Least Problem.

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