Yellow-legged Thrush

animals that start with y : Yellow-legged Thrush

Yellow-legged Thrush

The Yellow-legged Thrush (Turdus flavipes) is a songbird whose range covers northern and also eastern South America. The varieties are found in jungle, forests, as well as farming lands.

This thrush forage tree, bushes and also at times on the ground feeding mostly on fruits as well as berries. This timid species of thrush developed nests of twigs on rocks and also on financial institutions making use of twigs.

The Yellow-legged Thrush is mainly black in color with eye-ring and legs. Males have yellow expenses while ladies have a duller bills. Grownups measure 22– 23 cm (8.7– 9.1 in) long and also weighs 55– 70 g (1.9– 2.5 Oz). The species is listed as Least Worry by the IUCN.

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