Yellow-throated Warbler

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Yellow-throated Warbler

The Yellow-throated Warbler (Setophaga dominica) is a small timberland songbird species that nests and also forages for bugs as well as spiders high in the canopy of pine woodlands.

These migratory birds reproduce in warm The United States and Canada, wintering on the Gulf Shore, Cuba, as well as the Caribbean.

Some distinct functions of these remarkable birds consist of: Yellow throat and also upper body; head has characteristic black and also white pattern; grey back as well as wings; white eye stripes and also ear patch; white belly with black on the flanks; and lengthy black expense.

Grown-up male actions 13– 14 cm long with 8.5-inch wingspan, as well as evaluates 9– 11 g. Its diet regimen is composed generally of caterpillars, pests, and also spiders. IUCN Red Listing types standing– Least Concern.

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