animals that start with y : Yellowhammer


The Yellowhammer (Emberiza citrinella) is a passerine bird that prefers open locations, hedges, and also agricultural ranches as environment.

The species reproduce throughout Europe and also much of Asia. Ladies built cup-shaped nests on the ground with yards, hedges, or bushes. As a result of its decreasing populace, the Yellowhammer is on the Red Listing types.

This interesting bird averages to about 15.5– 17 cm long, a 23-29 cm (9-11 ″) wing, and also considers 24-30 g ( 3/4 -1 oz.) It has a characteristic thick seed-eater’s costs, brown back lined with black, yellow head and also stomach, and also a chestnut rump. The species feeds generally on bugs and seeds.

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