12 Spectacular Animals that Start with the Letter Z

It might not easy to find the name of animals which is starting with letter Z. It sounds rarely and difficult to find out the animal’s name from that letter.

Animals that Start with Z

But, you will see some weird animals below which might you will never hear it before. It will improve your knowledge about the animals around the world.

1. Zigzag Salamander

animals that start with z: Zigzag Salamander
source: herpsofnc.org

This Zigzag Salamander or The Northern Zigzag Salamander (Plethodon dorsalis) similar to other salamander and a bit little compare to others as it is about 11 centimeters long only.

It has red orange mark and white abdomen with zigzag side. You can found it in Alabama, Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina, or Southerly Illinois.

It is mostly living in wet habitats such as hiding in rocks, leaf litters, or dead logs. It likes small arthropods and earthworms as well.

2. Zenaida Dove

animals that start with z: Zenaida Dove
source: hbw.com

For you who love birds, you can see the beauty of this Zenaida Dove. It is called Eared dove or Zenaida auriculata which is discovered around South of USA.

It lives in agricultural lands, savannahs, or open fields. Zenaida Dove has brown top plumes with long wedge-shaped of tail and marking with black color on its wings.

This bird can grow up to 23 cm with the weight around 112 gram. The bird is known as farming bugs and they feed the seeds which is fall to the ground.

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3. Zorilla

animals that start with z: Zorilla
source: discoveranimals.org

This animal is belong to the weasel family and similar to skunk. It is called Striped Polecat (Ictonyx striatus) as it has striped polecats with black fur and white stripes including on the face areas.

They can grow up to 26 centimeters with the weight around 1.21 kg. It can be found in Western Africa round the meadows or savannahs.

Zorillas are carnivores which eat insects, little rodents, reptiles, frogs, birds, and snakes.

4. Zeren

animals that start with z: Zeren
source: bbc.co.uk

Zeren is called as the Mongolian gazelle or Procapra gutturosa which is similar to antelope with fairly-sized. They can be found in Mongolia and some regions in China.

This animal can grow up 100 to 150 centimeters with the weight around 20 up to 39 kg. They ae good in running and swimming.

Zeren’s body surface become a pinkish tone and it is being pale during winter season. The horns of adult males looks like lyre-shaped.

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5. Zone-tailed Pigeon

animals that start with z: zone tailed pigeon
source: zoochat.com

It is called also as The Pink-bellied Imperial Pigeon or Ducula poliocephala. You can found this beautiful bird in around Philippines.

They are herbivore and eating fruits. It has red eyes on its beautiful white face or pale grey head and tails. Besides, it marks with dark grey tuft, and pink tummy.

These birds become one of the 2000 IUCN Red Checklist and an intimidated bird species due to their environment which is loss.

6. Zebu

animals that start with z: Zebu
source: vollmerminicattle.com

You can found this kind of animal in India or some countries of East Asia, also Africa. Zebu or Bos Taurus Indicus called as humped cattle as they have around 75 extant types.

It is similar to the cow but with huge dewlaps, fatty bulges, and long legs. You can take this animal as beef cattle and draught oxen. There are some various colors such as bay, gray, and black.

7. Zebra

animals that start with z: Zebra
source: codrosu.ro

Everybody is familiar with this animal. Zebras are the animal which come from African who have body like a horse and marks on their body with white and black stripes like zebra-cross.

The habitat of Zebras are in grasslands, savannahs, or the seaside hills which is living in herds. It can grow up until 3.5 to 5 feet and with the weight around 200 up to 450 kg.

Each varieties will have different weight and height. There are three types of Zebra, they are Grey’s Zebra, Plains or Burchell Zebra, and Hill Zebra.

If you want to feed these animals, it just easy as you can take the grass and give to them. They are herbivore.

8. Zebra finch

animals that start with z: Zebra finch
source: Pinterest.com

The Zebra Finch is Taenopygia gutata which becoming one of the most usual finch in Central Australia and most of over the majority continent in this world.

They are staying in damp south and some locations in the north. It can located in East Timor and Indonesia also. It has been presented to Portugal and Puerto Rico as well.

They live in a large range of woodlands and grasslands but still near to the water. You can found Zebra Finch in the open-field with a lot of spread of bushes and trees.

9. Zorse (zebra – steed hybrid)

animals that start with z: Zorse
source: pinterest.com

Zorse is an interspecies crossbreeds of zebra stallion and horse mare and called as zebroid which refers to any type of zebra ancestry’s hybrid.

The body of this animal has similar to the horse at the most than to a zebra.

But, it has stripe like a zebra with candy striped legs and red stripes on the body and neck and generally it doesn’t cover the whole body.

They are herbivore and live in the grassland or savannahs.

10. Zonkey

animals that start with z: Zonkey
source: zonkey.co.uk

This animal is also an interspecies crossbreeds of male Zebra and female Donkey. While the male Donkey and female Zebra which are developed by cross-breeding is referred to a Zedonk.

Zonkey is a sterilized creature some as other interspecies crossbreeds and it can’t spawn of its own.

They are uncommon and majority they are living in zoos as vacationer attractions. But, it still possible for them to stay in wild as Zebras or Donkeys.

11. Zebra shark

animals that start with z: zebra shark
source: people.com

This beautiful animal which is called as Zebra shark (Stegostoma fasciatum) is one of the varieties of the carpet shark and sole member.

This Zebra Shark can be found in the tropical Indo-Pacific with the deepness around 62 m or 203 feet.

This animal looks unique in appearance as it has 5 longitudinal ridges on a round body. Also the pattern of dark areas on its body like a dot. It can grow up 50 to 90 centemeters.

12. Zebrafish

animals that start with z: Zebrafish
source: yourgenome.org

Zebra fish or Danio rerio is coming from the minnow household or Cyprinidae of Cypriniformes. It looks exotic with its beauty surface on its body.

Physically, it has black pale striped on its whole body. They are living in the Himalayan region as it is a prominent of tropical fish.

This zebra fish is a vital organism vertebrate which is usually used in clinical study.

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