Barndominium Floor Plans for Your Dream Home

The barndominium floor plans will be varied since there are many floor types. Each type will have the advantage and disadvantage.

That’s why the choice will be depended on the necessity of the owner. The thing is to choose the best one.

How To Choose Barndominium Floor Plans?

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Choosing the right floor will also help you in maintaining them. Maintenance the floor for Barndominium is not an easy work to do.

But some floor types is easy to maintain. Another thing to consider is the quality of the floor. It needs something so strong for the Barndominium floor.

1. Soil Barndominium Floor

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Soil is the common floor that can be used for the barn dominium. It just leaves that way without any additional material.

This also is a healthy way and it doesn’t need any maintenance. The soil can be replaced by itself time by time.

So, by having this floor, it can be strong enough and also need little maintenance.

2. Clay Barndominium Floor

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The clay based material as your Barndominium floor will be easy to keep. It only needs little maintenance as the soil floor.

However, the damp clay may be slippery for some people and sometimes it is also sticky.

It can also cause the hollow and hole deeply depending on where the clay that is mostly used.

Actually, the use of clay as the barn floor is so much possible and also it will be good when the clay is added with thicker layer. Keep it clean and dry.

3. Sand Barndominium Floor

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For the stall floor, it is not always used the sand as the material. This material is not slippery and also it will minimize the bedding material on its top. It has a good drainage and it is also replaceable.

When the sand becomes so soiled, it can be as it used to be. Sand will also need to be covered because it can go away anytime.

4. Wood Barndominium Floor

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Wood is the strong and stable material but sometimes it is slippery. This is the easiest material to maintenance.

The wood should be two inches in thickness and also it should have a base for the top. If there is spaces among the wood, it can be covered by the sands.

5. Concrete Barndominium Floor

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Concrete floor is well known as the stable floor material. This material is also having good durability yet easy to maintenance and clean up. Sometimes, concrete may be slippery because it has a very smooth surface.

6. Limestone Barndominium Floor

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Limestone is very comfortable and also safe material. It has a good drainage as well as the slippery surface.

7. Brick Barndominium Floor

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Brick or pavers is the attractive material for flooring. Even though it is good in appearance, it has problems like concrete material in which it is hard to clean.

8. Grid Barndominium Floor

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Grid can also be good for the stall flooring. The pattern will give a nice look and also it has a good drainage.

9. Asphalt Barndominium Floor

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Even though this material is good, non slippery and also durable, but this is so hard to install.

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