5 Best Barnwood Kitchen Island Ideas

Barnwood kitchen island can be the best choice for those loving the wooden furniture or an old farmhouse style.

This barnwood island will give an extraordinary look to your kitchen. It is not always old or ancient because using the reclaimed wood is the best choice for kitchen island.

If you have this barnwood kitchen island, you can get the nature feel that will affect to the entire room.

Barnwood Kitchen Island

This barnwood island is really suitable for the house with traditional interior design.

So, if you consider in renovating or redecorating your kitchen, this barnwood idea will be great.

These are some barnwood kitchen ideas with various types of woods to enchant your kitchen look.

Rustic Kitchen Island

Image Source: pinterest.com

The rustic design will be really suitable for this wooden barn. If you love the nature of rustic wood, you can use it for your kitchen design.

You can recover the top of your rustic kitchen with another material like marble as the countertop.

You can use the rustic wood as the island then it will stand out really nice. With the countertop marble, you can get the feeling of modern rustic kitchen.

This recovered barn wood will really amazing and it does not give an old look for your kitchen.

You will also no need to spend a lot of money to make this recovering. This recovered wooden barn will give a warmth feeling for your kitchen as well.

Using some crystal cutlery will give a luxury look yet natural.

Pine Kitchen Island

Image Source: justoutofhome.com

Many people who love the wooden kitchen or wooden design will choose pine as their basic material for kitchen stuff.

Why? That’s all because pine is really well-known with its durability. You can use for a lifetime whether for your kitchen island, table, chair, or even bedroom.

The old pine is also great for your kitchen island. You can recovered the old pine and paint it with white color.

Mix with natural brown color to give a stunning look for your island.

Granite Countertop

Image Source: atlantawoods.com

This will give a simple yet gorgeous look for your island. You can also use an open countertop to give a modern look.

Even more, you can use a granite countertop. This will really make your pine island amazing.

You don’t need to be so old and traditional with wooden barn. You still have the amazing look and luxury design.

Reclaimed Logs Kitchen Island

Image Source: pinterest.com

When you were kid, you might wonder about a tree house. This idea can be your kitchen design.

You can use the reclaimed log in your island. You can choose the brown color and also wooden material as its countertop.

Custom Kitchen Island

Image Source: northernlivingkitchenandbath.ca

You can also make accustom for your kitchen island. You can add more drawer, wooden sink, an open shelving, or even a moving island with a wheel.

Since barnwood kitchen island will last forever, you can customize it as you want and you don’t worry if it gets broken.

You can custom it the way you want but don’t forget the function of the island itself.

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