5 Amazing Basement Home Theater Ideas

Basement home theater can be a great idea to make a small room for your family time. Spending time with family is not always need to be expensive or hanging out to some places.

You can create your entertainment room for gathering with the family. This basement theater room will be one of the great ideas since you can turn your just so-so living room to be a mini theater.

You also don’t need to create or add another extra room in your home because this mini theater can be built in your basement.

Basement Home Theater

Using all the space in your home and maximize it to get another value and function. So, to create your own home theater, look at the things below.

The Basement’s Size

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The important thing before creating a basement theater is the size of the room. Before you decide to get the design, you need to consider what stuff you will put in your room as the theatre.

So, when you already consider the size of your basement, you can choose the stuff like screen and sofa. Everything will be depended on the space.

So, when you only have a small space on your basement, you don’t need to worry because you still can make your theater with mini size of the screen.

The Basement’s Dampness

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Since the basement is the lower place in your home, you need to be prepared for the damage like water.

Water will be so dangerous for the electronics stuff like screen, sounds, and cables.

You need to build a strong basement wall to handle the heavy rain or flood that can come anytime.

You also need to seal everything properly like the pipes. Take control of the water or flood is a serious thing, so you have to be careful when designing your basement theatre.

The Basement’s Lights

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The lighting will be really important as well because you need to watch the performance in a clear way.

However many basements have a bad lighting and also they don’t have many opener like windows.

This what makes the basement lack of lights. You still need a proper light when you are watching movies with your family because it helps you to move around.

You can install some lights with dimmer if the basement has no windows.

The Basements’ Wire

You already notice that your basement has many wires. Then, if you want to create a theater, you need to install another wire.

You have the choice which is to cover your wire with pipes, the PVC or just let it hang on the wall. You can use the wire with 12 or 10in thickness.

The Basements’ Wall

Image Source: greenbuildingadvisor.com

Wall is the common problem of basement. You need to make sure that the wall is hard enough and it is easy to be installed the wire and pipes.

You have to seal the wire on the wall if you don’t use pipe. You can also cover with a wallpaper to hide the wire and give a stunning look of the wall.

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