5 Best Basement Laundry Room Design Ideas

Basement laundry room ideas will be so timeless. Basement is the most quite place in home.

It gives more spaces for another activity or some people just use it to keep their old stuff.

Actually, the basement can be a functional room. It can be the laundry room or entertainment room.

If you have a large space of basement, it will be better to create some useful place in there.

One of the best idea is to make the basement as the laundry room. It will not bother the family member because the basement has a closed room, so the sound will not be heard.

Basement Laundry Room Ideas

So, if you are considering to use your basement as laundry room, this idea will be much better if you get the right design.

1. Basement Laundry with Cabinets

Before deciding to create a laundry room inside your basement, you need to know the space that you have.

If the basement is large enough and you don’t have many unneeded thing inside, you can remake it as the laundry room.

You can add some functional stuff like the washing machine of course. You can also add some cabinets, shelves, and also storage to keep the clothes after it washed.

It will also help you to easily reach anything you need for laundry like the detergent, soap, softener, etc.

2. Ironic Board and Drying Cabinets

Not only that, but you can also add more stuff like iron boards so you can do all the laundry work in one place.

This will be very beneficial for you because everything you need is in this room.

You can also add clothes hamper and racks in order to arrange your laundry. The drying cabinets will be so much helpful also.

3. Stackable Washer for Small Basement

If your basement is small enough, you still can have a cabinet. It’s all the matter of how you place the things in proper way.

To minimize the use of racks and big cabinets, you can use the hanging cabinets for the storage.

You can also use the stackable washer and dryer so it will never need a big space in your basement.

4. Good Lighting for Basement

The most important thing about having a room in the basement is the lighting. Since it is the base of your home, it might be lack of the sun light. That’s why you need to give a perfect lighting.

You can use the recessed lights to make a bright lighting. The purpose is just to make the room well-lighted place since you will also need to iron the clothes.

5. Choose Proper Color

If your light cannot support the brighter room, you can try to use a bright wall color. Paint the wall with white color scheme.

Or you can also choose the pattern wallpaper in bright grey and white. You need to use the neutral color combinations so the result will not be darker.

You need to avoid the use of old color like brown or navy because it causes a darker room and give a hot ambience.

The lighter the color, the cooler ambience your laundry room will be.

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