5 Creative Basement Laundry Room Design for Small Space

Basement laundry room can be the best idea for maximizing your room into the functional area.

Having a basement is sometimes a great choice because it doesn’t matter how big or small your house is, the basement will always be needed.

You can place your unneeded thing inside the basement. Or some people have creative idea to turn their basement into functional room like a laundry room.

Having a laundry room inside the basement will also be good for you because you can design the room as interested as well.

The unused space inside your house now can be the fun place to do the laundry.

Basement Laundry Room

You can design your laundry room as stylish as you want and you can also make it as another room for having a relax time.

If you need some design inspiration, here goes you can take a look from this article.

1. Simple Basement Laundry Room

If you don’t have more space in your basement, you can create a simple laundry room. Simple laundry room is not always a bad idea. You can make it stunning with some eye catching furniture.

For example, you can put a simple short storage with a hanging rod. You can place it under the table so it will be more reachable.

The laundry room can be a very tidy room if you can place it well. The storage can be placed next to the laundry machine. So, you can make your laundry work more effective.

2. Remodeling Basement Laundry Room

Using a basement as your laundry room will need some repairmen. For example, you need to change the lighting inside the basement.

Basement sometimes has a bad lighting and also it only has a small space for the air to flow.

The lower ceiling will also need to maintain, so you can make a better place for laundry room.

Do not forget that you also need to put some cables, make sure youhave the right place for the terminal.

3. Decorating Wall Basement Laundry Room

If your basement has a wooden floor, you might not change it. What you need to do is only to give some bright furniture like a white color machine, basket, or storage.

It will give a nice color mixing so it will be brighter. You can also decorate the plain wall with some stuff. You can give some decoration or painting to make it more fun.

4. Filling the Furniture of Basement Laundry Room

You can give some furniture like iron board, hanging place, storage, counter, shelves, and other that you need.

The idea of an open shelf will be good since it will make you easier to put and take the clothes. You can also use the side wall as the hanging place.

Don’t forget to choose the pair of laundry machine. An open shelf will also help you to put the basket below the counter.

5. Flooring Idea Basement Laundry Room

The floor can be also the min important thing. Since it might be wet sometimes, you need to choose the floor with no slippery.

You don’t need to give a fancy look for the floor. The important thing is the floor is comfy enough to do laundry activity .

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