Basement Reconstruction

Reconstruct the basement can be good idea since you can add more space in your house to be more functional.

Adding more rooms is another complicated steps yet.

That is because you need to prepare anything from the start.

Basement Reconstruction

You need a better plan and also everything should be cost-free but it is impossible.

You will need more money to reconstruct a building.

Here are the things you need to prepare.

Designing and Planning

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A successful reconstruction needs a good planning.

This is will be good for you to plan everything.

You can start from the design because the design will impact on how much money you need and what materials you want to use.

Just write a simple yes/no list to make it easy.

Water Issues

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The problem with basement reconstruction is about the water.

Sometimes the water flows and drainage fails will affect the room in basement.

The roof needs to have a waterproof and also it will be the best to stop water infiltration.


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You can do the demolishing and also the disposing part in the next project.

It doesn’t need to be finished in the early time.

The important thing is to demolish the part of the house that will be reconstructed.

However, if it is just for your basement, there is no need to do the demolishing because it does not have much impact on your reconstruction.

Carpentry Structure

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Carpentry will be really useful for you because it will support another functional work such as the windows, door, sliding door, moving walls, and also drywall.

Sometimes, you will need to replace the windows or door and also sometimes to need to enlarge them.

Electrical and Plumbing Work

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The electrical should be installed well because it will affect another problem if you don’t consider it.

The plumbing system is also main course for this reconstruction.

So, prepare everything in clear planning.

Some people will need to install air conditioner, so they need to consider the ceiling and also the walls reconstruction.

Insulation and Drywall

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The insulation is really important for basement.

You can install fiberglass on the wall.

For the drywall as the closing wall, you can hanging it or sanding it.

Before painting, you have to let the compound dry.

Interior Painting

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Painting is the last job to do. This is the finish line of the reconstruction.

Choose the best paint for absorbing the wall wet or rain.

So, it can help to maintain the room.

The color of the paint should be peaceful and warm.


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Choosing the right flooring will also make you easy in maintain it.

The right flooring is not only functional but also make the appearance more beautiful.

It can also support the interior of the room.

Windows and Door

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The use of old windows is good but sometimes they don’t meet the same size as the new wall.

So sometimes, the windows should be replaced.

The door as well, to make it more functional you can use sliding door.

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