12 Beautiful Purple Colored Birds That You Didn’t Know It Before

Purple Colored-Birds – In this world there are various colors of birds, one of them is purple colour. Here are 10 types bird purple colour that can be found in the world.

Purple Colored Birds

1. Splendid Sunbird

Beautiful Purple Colored-Birds: Splendid Sunbird
source: Pinterest.com

The Splendid Sunbird or Cinnyris coccinisgastrus is the small bird from Nectariniidae family and the genus is Cinnyris.

The Splendid Sunbird male has glossy purple body, wingbar and green back. The Splendid Sunbird female greenisbrown and yellowish bellow.

The length body is from 13 until 14 centimetres and the weight body is from 12.3 until 15.3 grams. The Splendid Sunbird eats seeds, nectar and insects.

The Splendid Sunbird can found at Senegal, South Sudan ,Congo and Gabon.

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2. Purple Martin

Beautiful Purple Colored-Birds: Purple Martin
source: birdwatchingdaily.com

Purple Martin (Progne subis) is the bird from Hirundinidae family and the genus is Progne.

Purple Martin body are very large with slightly hooked bills and tapered wings. The weight of Purple Martin is 45 until 60 grams ,the length is from 19 until 20 centimetres.

The wingspan is from 39 until 41 centimetres. Adults males has purple overall and brown black wings and tails. Purple Martin eat insects.

Purple Martin can be found on the west coast from British Columbia until Mexico. Purple Martin habitats is mountain forest, saguaro desert ,towns and farms.

3. Violet-Backed Starling

Beautiful Purple Colored-Birds: Violet-Backed Starling
source: flickr.com

Violet Backed Starling or Cinnyricinclus leucogaster is the small bird from Sturnidae family and the genus is Cinnyricinclus. Violet Backed Starling also known as amethyst starling.

The Violed Backed Starling has metalic purple head and white chest and stomach for male, and the female has mainly brown stomach with white speckled stomach.

The size body can be up to 19 centimetres and the weight is up to 60 grams. The Violed Backed Starling eat insects, berries and fruits.

The Violed Backed Starling can found in Yemen, Saudi Arabia and in Africa. The habitats of Violed Backed is forests, woodland and savannah.

4. Purple Grenadier

Beautiful Purple Colored-Birds: Purple Grenadier
source: hbw.com

Purple Grenadier or Uraeginthus ianthinogaster is the bird from Estrildidae family and the genus is Uraeginthus. Purple Grenadier is small bird with the awesome feather colour.

Purple Grenadier male have black tail , cinnamon colour in head and neck and also blue patch arround the eye. The length body of Purple Grenadier is from 13 until 14 centimetres , the weight body is from 12 until 17 grams.

The Purple Grenadier bird eats insects, grass seeds and egg food.

Purple Grenadier can found at Somalia, Sudan , Uganda and Kenya. Purple Grenadier habitats is subtropical and tropical land.

5. Violet-crowned Woodnymph

Beautiful Purple Colored-Birds: Violet-crowned Woodnymph
source: Flickr.com

The Violet-crowned Woodnymph or Thalurania colombica is small beautiful bird with colour purple feather.

The Violet-crowned Woodnymph male has violet crown, upper back and tail. The female Violet-crowned Woodnymph has bright green above and grey throat and breast.

The Violet-crowned length body is from 8 until 10 centimetres, the weight body is 3.5 until 4.5 grams. The Violet-crowned Woodnymph bird eat small insects and small flowers.

The Violet-crowned Woodnymph can be found at Colombia, Guatemala ,Venezuela and Central America.

6. Purple Gallinule

Beautiful Purple Colored-Birds: Purple Gallinule
source: pixdaus.com

The Purple Gallinule or Porphyrio martinicus is a striking bird from Rallidae family and the genus is Porphyrio.

The Purple Gallinule have greenish wing and back, yellow tipped red bill and bright yellow legs.

The length body is 37 to 33 cm (14.6- 13.0 in) , the weight body is from 203 until 291 grams (7.2- 10.3 oz) and the wingspan is 55 to 56 centimetres (21.6- 22.1 in) . The Purple Gallinule Bird eat insects, frogs, spiders, worms, seeds and fruits.

The Purple Gallinule can be found at California, Galapagos Islands , Great Britain and Portugal. The habitats of Purple Gallinule is marshes, cities, ponds and in the fresh swamps.

7. Varied Bunting

Beautiful Purple Colored-Birds: Varied Bunting
source: tringa.org

The Varied Bunting ( Passerina versicolor) is the songbird from Cardinalidae family and the genus is Passerina.

The Varied Bunting male have blue and reddish purple overall, the adult female bird have brown colour body. The weight body is from 11 until 13 grams (0.4- 0.5 oz), the length body is from 11 until 14 centimetres (4.3- 5.5 in) and the wingspan is 21 centimetres (8.3 in). The Varied Bunting bird eats fruits, seeds and insects.

The Varied Bunting bird can found at Guatemala, Mexico, Arizona and Texas. The habitats of Varied Bunting bird is flat deserts, scrubby woodlands and thorn forests.

8. Purple Honeycreeper

Beautiful Purple Colored-Birds: Purple Honeycreeper
source: chandra.as.utexas.edu

The Purple Honeycreeper is small bird with purple colour. The Purple Honeycreeper is from Cyanerpes genus and from Thraupidae family.

The Purple Honeycreeper has length body 11.5 centimetres and the weight is 12 grams. The male Purple Honeycreeper has purplish blue body ,black wings and blue tail.

The female Purple Honeycreeper has yellow green plumage on upper parts with blue green underpart. The Purple Honeycreeper eat insects and berries.

The Purple Honeycreeper at South America, Columbia, Venezuela and Trinidad. Habitats of Purple Honeycreeper is wet forest and shrubby areas.

9. Purple Finch

Image Source: audubon.org

The Purple Finch or Haemorhous purpureus is bird from Fringillidae family and the genus is Haemorhous.

The Purple Finch has conical beaks. Male Purple Finch have pink-red colour on head and breast and brown on the back. The female Purple Finch have lightbrown upperparts and white line on the face.

The Purple Finch length is from 12 until 16 centimetee, the weight body is from 18 until 32 grams , the wingspan from 22 until 26 centimetres .The Purple Finch eat insects, fruits and seeds.

The Purple Finch bird can found at Africa und South America. The habitats is fields,forest und backyard.

10. Common Grackle

Image Source: pinterest.com

The Common Grackle is bird from Icteridae family and from Quiscalus genus.

The Common Grackle have a black body feather and blue feather around the head. Common Grackle bird length body is from 28 until 34 centimetres.

The weight body of Common Grackle bird is from 74 until 142 grams,the wingspan is from 36 until 46 centimetres. Common Grackle eat seeds, insects, frogs and eggs.

The Common Grackel can be found at east Rocky Mountain and North America. The habitats of Common Grackel bird is towns, groves ,suburban lawns and farmland.

11. Purple Starling

Beautiful Purple Colored-Birds: Purple Starling
source: pbase.com

The Purple Starling (Lamprotornis purpureus), also called the purple glossy starling, is a typical passerine bird usual as well as extensive in exotic Africa. The species is normally discovered in scrublands, open forests, savannas, and cultivated areas.

12. Purplish-mantled Tanager

Beautiful Purple Colored-Birds: Purplish-mantled Tanager
source: flickr.com

The Purplish-mantled Tanager (Iridosornis porphyrocephalus) is discovered in Colombia and Ecuador. The varieties typical 14 centimeters (5.5 in) long as well as consider 20-23 g (0.7-0.8 oz). It feeds on berries and bugs.

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