5 Best Blue Bedroom Ideas

Blue bedroom ideas can be attached to the bedroom wallpaper, background, or even to the furniture.

Decorating a bedroom in our favorite color can be such a mood booster. It will increase our peace while sleeping and also give time for sleeping faster.

A blue color for bedroom can give a calm ambience for the owner. That’s why it becomes the most favorite color whether for teen or adult.

To create a blue bedroom color, you can get some ideas here. Not to mention that designing the bedroom using blue color needs some tricks and consideration.

That’s all for the balance color because blue color has many variants starting from the light until the dark blue.

Choose the Perfect Blue for Bedroom

It is not always to be blue for everything. For example, if you want to design your bedroom with blue touch, you can get the right wallpaper or paint in blue color.

If it is for your wall color, you can use the grey mixing with the middle tone of blue.

This will be a relaxing color for a bedroom. Mixing with another furniture like the mirror cupboard or the lights.

It will be so pretty when this color is applied for girl’s room. Mirror dresser with blue color light bulb will give a calm yet beautiful look.

Girly Floral Blue Wallpaper

If you want to get more girly look, you can use blue floral as the wallpaper.

It may be a very classic look, but once it is done, you can match it with white bed and get a very smooth and gorgeous look.

Using a mirror for your nightstand will also be suitable for this design. Another classic wallpaper pattern you can use for getting blue bedroom is the Chinoiserie.

This design comes from French and it is a very classic design adopted Chinese culture. The mixing of blue and white becomes the common color for this design.

High Contrast Blue Color Bedroom

Blue is not always to be a calm color. You can add some attractive colors like orange, green, or even yellow.

This contrast color will give a cheerful ambience and giving a happiness. You can play with the color as long as it’s matched enough with your design.

You can use blue as the main color like turquoise blue and match the pattern using orange. You can get some orange decoration hanging on the blue wall.

A Smooth and Natural Blue Bedroom

Another mix you can get is the green and blue color. Actually green is the mainstream mixing for blue.

It will give a very natural and fresh look for your bedroom. You can use a green bed with the blue watery wall in middle tone. This is the best mixing ever.

Dark Blue Bedroom

If you don’t like something light, you can choose to use navy or dark blue with brown color for your bedroom ideas.

The classic style of blue and brown will give you an elegant look.

You can choose the dark blue or navy and mix it with a wooden bedroom in brown.

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