5 Amazing Breakfast Nook Ideas to Remodel Your Kitchen

Breakfast nook design will be the most favorite place for some people. It gives a modern look for a kitchen or for some rooms inside the house.

It will also have a plus value if a home has a nook because it can be the coziest place for any family member to eat breakfast or dinner.

Breakfast Nook Ideas

Having a breakfast nook in your kitchen will give you a private place with your family.

It will also increase the togetherness and this nook is one of the most desirable things for many people.

So, if you are considering to remodel your kitchen, the idea of a nook would be a great choice.

1. Wooden Breakfast Nook

Having nook is like you have the place in a restaurant. The wooden nook for breakfast will be nice if you want a classic look.

You can create all wood touch in this nook by having all materials in wood.

You can make it more traditional yet stunning by adopting the bench design.

Give a soft lighting to make it warmer and also put it beside the window to give amazing frame.

This corner nook next your window will be spacious and feeling open.

This will be a great place for morning tea or a coffee break in the evening.

2. Eclectic Breakfast Nook

If you want to have a more contemporary design, you can create an eclectic breakfast nook.

You can use a granite or marble desk and also the chair to give a glossy look.

The use of one color scheme wallpaper will be a great combination.

You can also use the melamine panels as the materials. White color can be the best for this eclectic nook.

You can build it next to the cupboard in the kitchen. Even though it looks small, it is still beautiful place to a romantic moment.

3. Tropical Breakfast Nook

Who doesn’t love the tropical view? It is a good choice for have such lovable nook with tropical design.

Not only it gives the nature ambience, but also it will bring a peaceful mood.

By using the small square table and some sofa with the same color, it will make your dining time more enjoyable.

You can place it near to your big windows so you can see your outside garden.

This beautiful view will iboost your morning mood as well with the light from the sun.

4. Corner Breakfast Nook

The nook is always put on the corner or on the side in which it has small space.

You can also have your own nook by adding some chairs in your corner sofa.

This will be a great idea because you can add a low light up the table.

For a corner nook, you can use the round table because it will be more convenient for people to easily move.

5. Countertop Breakfast Nook

Now you can also use your countertop as the nook room.

This is one of the amazing idea because you just need to put a small table around the outside countertop.

Give a smooth sofa or small pillow to give a comfortable sitting.

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