Can Dogs Eat Tuna

Can Dogs Eat Seafood like Shrimp and Tuna?

Can Dogs Eat Tuna?

Tuna is safe for dogs. Moderation should be observed as too much tuna can harm your dog. Eating it in the wrong forms can also become a health hazard. Dogs can eat raw or cooked tuna fish.

If you want to give raw tuna fish to your dog, you should remove all the bones first. Canned tuna should be packed in water, not oil.

This is because oil will add useless calories to your pet’s diet that will result in not only obesity, but also inflammation of the dog’s pancreas. This problem requires immediate surgery.

Canned tuna with added flavorings like spices should be avoided as much as possible since dogs cannot digest spices well. Don’t give your dog tuna that has been made with garlic or onion as these are very dangerous for dogs.

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