Can Dogs Eat Seafood like Shrimp and Tuna?

Can Dogs Eat Shrimp?

You may want to set aside a few shrimps for your dog. This is because shrimps can provide some health benefits to your pet.

Rich in Nutrients

Aside from being delicious, shrimp is also packed with nutrients such as phosphorus, vitamin B12, anti-oxidants and niacin.

Phosphorus is required for healthy bones, Vitamin B12 improves the dog’s gastrointestinal health and metabolic processes, anti-oxidants help reduce brain aging and fight free radicals and niacin or vitamin B3 is important for proper energy production, enzyme function, chemical signals, blood circulation and other processes.

Shrimp is also low in carbohydrates, fat and calories, so it’s a good option for dogs on a diet. Just keep in mind that shrimps are also high in cholesterol.

Feed shrimp to your dog occasionally as too many shrimps can cause an unhealthy increase in the cholesterol level of your dog’s diet.

Can You Give Raw Shrimp to Your Dog?

You should cook shrimp before giving them to your dog as raw shellfish contains harmful pathogens. Remove the shell as it can be a choking hazard and obstruct your dog’s throat.

Steamed shrimp is actually the best option for your dog as breaded or fried shrimp has unnecessary oils and fats that can harm your pet.

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