8 Types of Cargo Trailer Camper You Can Rent

Cargo trailer camper or motor homes are very popular vehicle today because it can carry more than people in one car.

Camper travel is more than a big car, this is a mini home that you can bring to everywhere you want.

You can go travelling all around the island using this camper travel without having afraid will be lost of food or clothes or being tired.

Cargo Trailer Camper

This trailer camper is like a van in which it is completed with bed, mini kitchen, and bathroom.

You can drive by yourself and you can go with your family if you have such a long trip.

1. Class Big RV

Image Source: k4trailersales.com

This is an A class motor homes because this car is the largest and also most expensive RV. This variant is actually a bus that is rebuilt and converted into a more functional car.

It has length of 45 feet and this big RV can be filled by gasoline or diesel. It has big storage and living spaces with luxury interior design.

2. Camper Van

Image Source: Scoopnest.com

The camper van type is easy to be driven and maneuver. Since this one is not too big, so it has a simple campsite that is easy to setup. The fuel used in this van is less costly and less maintenance.

So, it doesn’t need to take care. This camper van is so comfortable for day travelling and errands.

3. Midsize RV

Image Source: squarespace.com

The midsize RV has length of 20 up to 33 feet only. It is built from the existing truck and modified van.

However, this midsize RV can carry your whole family because it has enough large space. This RV also has an extra bed that can be the storage room as well.

4. Fifth-Wheel Travel Trailer

Image Source: anexacreancy.com

This trailer is so much unique from the outside. But actually, this one is similar to the common travel trailer but it is the simpler form.

This towable trailer only can be pulled by certain vehicle and the passengers are so limited. Meanwhile, it has a large living space and storage.

5. Folding Tent

Image Source: rentalcarnavi.info

A folding tent camper trailer is the smallest towable trailer. This can be pulled by many vehicles. But you cannot carry equipment and supply in one place due to the small spaces.

6. Sport Camper

Image Source: superfelezyab.com

This car is a combination of travel RV with sport trailer. This will be perfect for those who love outdoor activity. It has a folding wall so it is so simple to setup.

7. Toy Hauler

Image Source: cloudinary.com

Toy hauler is for the outdoor enthusiast for camping. Even though it is simple, it has a small space inside.

8. Travel Trailers

Image Source: youtube.com

Travel trailer is a large portable container that build as comfortable living space of motor home. There are many varieties of travel trailers in different vehicle that can be chosen. This can be pulled with a SUV or van, or even truck.

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