6 Simple Hacks to Maintain the Tidiness of your Carpet in the Long Run

If your home or office space has wall-to wall carpeting, or you live in a home full of rugs, you know how quickly they get dirty and dingy. Carpets are an expensive investment. Thus, taking care of them is vital.

When you do not clean them on time or expose them to unwanted materials, they get spoiled. It further affects the lifespan of your carpet, thus wasting your money.

How your carpets fare has a lot to do with how much you care for them. If you want to maintain the tidiness of your carpets in the long run, follow the below-listed hacks.

Clean the Stains Right Away

A carpet is one of the most abused upholstery pieces in your home. It is prone to all kinds of spilling.

If you have spilled any liquid such as oil, drink or any edible on the surface of your rug, clean the stain immediately.

The longer you wait to deal with spills, food, and pet stains, the more difficult it will become to clean the carpet.

Always be diligent in what you use to clean your carpet. While home remedies do not work to clean all stains, we advise you to choose high-quality choose high-quality products for carpet cleaning and doing away with these stains.

Do not Walk on the Carpet Wearing Shoes

Why make your carpet dirty, and soiled by bringing your shoes on the surface?

If you want to maintain the tidiness of your carpet, make it a point not to walk on it with your shoes.

Always wear socks or designate house slippers or shoes to wear around your home, especially when you walk around the carpet.

Similarly, do not bring any food around your carpet. Taking these small things into consideration will help you a long way in maintaining the cleanliness of your carpet.

Vacuum your Carpet

Carpet and vacuuming go hand-in-hand. Thus, do not turn a blind eye to cleaning your carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

We suggest you vacuum your rug twice a week. Furthermore, the frequency of vacuuming the carpet also depends upon how you are using it.

For instance, if your carpet is placed in a living room and gathers a lot of traffic, vacuum it religiously and regularly in all directions to remove all the dirt and debris.

Do it more frequently. Consider using a robot vacuum that helps you pick up the slack between your hands-on cleaning sessions.

Freshen Up your Carpet

Vacuuming your carpet alone is not enough to keep it tidy. Sometimes, you need to do more than merely using the machine. There are plenty of ways to clean and freshen up your carpet to get rid of the bad odour that it may emit.

For instance, you can use some home remedies such as rubbing alcohol, vinegar, Borax, Cornmeal, hydrogen peroxide, cinnamon, rosemary and others to clean your carpet, make it smell fresh, and keep it away from odour.

Use Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

While traditional cleaning methods treat your carpet to a certain extent, they do not offer a thorough cleaning to it.

If you want to keep your carpet clean and free from damages for the longest time, hire a professional carpet cleaning service.

A professional carpet cleaning service uses different methods to treat your carpet. They use high-quality carpet cleaning products to clean the dirt thoroughly.

They also combine different cleaning methods such as shampooing and steaming to offer magical results. We recommend getting your carpet cleaned by the professional services annually.

Clean your Air Filters

Many people turn a blind eye to this, but keeping your air filters clean has a lot to do with a clean carpet.

The more dust and particles removed by your air filter, the fewer will fall on your carpet. If you have not changed air filters for a long time, now is the time to do so.


You can maintain the cleanliness of your carpet and increase its lifespan with these simple hacks. Follow them now.

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