While you wait for pumpkin carving why not make a painted pumpkin rock craft or a whole batch? Let’s make some! Supplies: Round rocks with a smooth top (in all different sizes) Orange spray paint Craft paint in various colors Paintbrushes Twigs Gue gun Directions: Cover your outside work area with cardboard or newspaper, and

One example of unique handicrafts and how to make it that is easy is stone painting. Batu Lukis is one of the art creations that has been widely known. Aside from the fact that the basic ingredients for making it are very easy to obtain, the manufacturing costs are also quite cheap. Only stones are

Mandala actually is a sacred pactice enganged by Tibetan monks and many other cultures. Mandala words originated from classical Indian Sanskrit languange that could be losely means a “circle”. Mandala is far more than a simple artworks and you will be amazed by these artworks. It’s represent many things and could be seen as a

We guarantee after you done this ladybug painted rock, you would never look at rocks in the same way again! You can change them into amazing things and they are very popular! We have show you many projects but it’s just a little piece of cuteness compare to these absolute Ladybug rocks. They will certainly

Halloween comes with much creative stuff like damnable pumpkin, ghost costume, mask, creepy make up, and many more. Not to mention, people who celebrate this Halloween party will decorate their house in a scary way. Not only dressing like a ghost, the furniture or the stuff inside their house should have a hideous look. This

Tiny pebbles and stones are an easy material to obtain. A lake, pond, or even the beach is a great place to find these stones as well. But what to make with all of these stones? The answer is simple. There are tons of great, simple projects that you can do. You can even use