Bathroom Storage Ideas – Your stuffs in bathroom are messy and haphazardly laying on the ledge? To fix it up, first thing you need is having storage space in bathroom, but how to arrange it well? Don’t worry! Here we listed for you some excellent bathroom storage ideas you can emulate. Having more storage space

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas – Have you ever visiting your grandpa old house? Have you ever listen to their story about their old house looks like? One common model of their old house design were small bathroom, it’s just 5-8 feet in average. Oh man, that quite small bathroom for a millenial generation. And now,

If you are looking for some subway tile bathroom ideas, here is the article for you. First of all, subway tiles have become very popular for the past years. This kind of tile design has become the favorite of most homeowners nowadays. Sizes of these tiles vary from 3 x 6 inches to 3 x

“This world is a challenging adventure arena”, that is what a teenage-boy may think about his own world. For him, every day is a great time to explore, doing everything he wants with no burden, learning what he is curious about with fun, and creating new astounding invention with no intervention. We, as parents, surely

Every house certainly has a place that becomes a main spot where everyone gathered, and in most houses the place is kitchen. There they cooking, dining, chatting, and things like that together. Indeed more than just for cooking, kitchen now altered to be more than family room, even some of family have television in that

It cannot be denied if having a house at this time become one of the symbols of one’s success in financial maturity. Where often someone who is able to build a beautiful home is considered to have succeeded in becoming a successful individual. Apart from this, from a psychological standpoint, it has been proven that

DIY TV Stand Ideas – TV stand, what is the importance of TV stand? Did you even at any point think about having one TV stand in your home? Individuals are conventionally convinced that they can simply locate TV in any corner or bare space on the table or furniture in the living room. Indeed,

People love to see themselves everywhere they are. Therefore, wall mirror design is very important whether it is in the bathroom, bedroom, or any wall you like. Other than that purpose, mirrors have important roles to spread the light in the room and can be the replacement of window as well as making expand the