As you know that in designing a house you have to really plan what space you want to have in the house. In addition to the types of rooms, the layout and shape of each room must also be considered carefully. After thinking about the basic aspects, then the next thing you should think about

Your house front door, one of the most essential points you have to pay more attention at. Choosing proper colour for that might be a simple thing you can perform to make anyone visited your home astonished. Everyone will feel wow and invited-like to be happy to come to your home. More than just an

Most people agree that we shouldn’t judge the book just by its cover. But, one important lesson could be taken from this proverb, “book cover” could determine people first impression about something. The outside of your home could give people first impression about what’s inside, so make sure that people will make the right judgement.

Doorless shower is one of unique designs for your bathroom. Some people called it as the walk-in shower in which it gives many benefits for the owner. This will make the bathroom more accessible and it can give a very flexible movement. Doorless Shower Ideas There are many designs of doorless shower that you can

Reconstruct the basement can be good idea since you can add more space in your house to be more functional. Adding more rooms is another complicated steps yet. That is because you need to prepare anything from the start. Basement Reconstruction You need a better plan and also everything should be cost-free but it is

Having accent wall will really great because it will beautify the interior and exterior appearance of your home. It gives another classy look and gorgeous for any wall even though just some area of your house. Accent Wall Ideas Choosing the right accent wall will really define your house personality and make it bold. So,

Collecting DVDs can be a good hobby since it also can be the best entertainment for anyone. It can also be great spare time or hanging out with family and friend. Spending time by watching movie with family will be great ideas because sometimes movies can also be a learning material for kids. DVD Storage

Man cave ideas can be done by decorating with their own preferences. This private room can be design with the right color to get the own space. Man Cave Ideas The color, the furniture, and the design should be matched to get the private effect. So, here are some tips in choosing color, design, and