Are categorized by many types, but most of the time people opt for these genres: fashion photography, nature photography, wildlife photography , social photography and travel photography. 1. Fashion Photography Is one of the most competitive and challenging areas of the market because it is paid very well. For that reason many good photographers are

It is time to display the types of digital cameras available in the market and their features. Everybody, in current days agree we can find three big group of cameras, Compact cameras, bridge cameras and reflex cameras. We think you will find the most suitable type of camera for you. 1. Compact Cameras or Pocket

Nowadays in the market, we can find a wide range of lenses (analogic or digital) produced by the super famous companies like Nikon , Canon, Pentax, Sigma, Fuji among many others. Since long time ago, photography’s industry has been developed rapidly offering not only quality but also good price and useful products for beginners amateurs

A salary or wage is the monetary compensation to a worker for his services. The employer gives a salary to his employee in exchange of a work done. Is one of the bases of the capitalism system. When the pact is done, obligations and rights for both parties are generated. In case of the employee,

A documentary is a film genre, very used on television and books nowadays. A documentary is a way to tell a real story, based on facts. Is important that the story is a true story, and the facts are not to much alterated, they are like they are. It intended to document some aspect of

The pizza is a very popular and worldwide known menu. It is a stretched kind of mass that can have different forms and size but the most famous is the circular pizza. It is believed that the pizza was created in Italy, in the Napoli area around the seventeen century, but the exact moment of

A salad is a mix of differents ingredients and can be a meal or a side dish. In the western world a salads is considered a light meal and often used in diets to loose weigth. But a salad can also be a very powerful meal full of vitamins and proteins and can have an

An accommodation is the place where you will spend the night or nights in your journey. The decision of which type of accommodation you will choose depends on the kind of travel you are going to do. For example, a timeshare. This will give you a right to use a property as a vacation home

The money is the instrument of exchange that a society recognise as the legitim way to pay for goods and services. This instrument depend on the type of society, the period of time, the context and the country. The money has different functions. It is a exchange medium (a kind of intermediate in the exchange

An economic system is the a kind of structure of production, allocation of funds, distribution and consumption of goods and services in an specific economy. Different Types of Economic Systems There are three famous types of economic systems: the capitalism, the socialism and the comunism. Nowadays, there is a movement that propose a new and different