The hair removal or waxing is the action of removing the excess of skin’s hair, and it is done, mostly, by women. It normally starts in the adolescence, when the skin’s hair starts to grow, and continues the whole life. More and more people is practising the hair removal, due to fashion trends or sport’s

The hair is the cylindrical, keratinized and pigmented filament that grows from the epidermis of the human being. The hair has a very important biological role because is the responsible of the body temperature’s regulation. Also, the hair increases the skin photoreceptor’s ability, which is essential for the production of vitamin D. Beyond these biological

The clothes or clothing are all the things that humans wear daily in order to protect their body in different climatic conditions and respect cultural mandates. At the begginig of the human race, the man designed the clothes to protect himself from the hostile climates where he was living, because the humans has no protective

When a society is divided according the economic situation of the people that live there, the different groups that we can find are the different social classes. This name was born in the modern states that have emerged with the Industrial Revolution. Different Types of Social Classes We can find three important types of social

A consumer is an individual or an entity that demand a service or a product. This service or product is offered in the market and it is thought that it will satisfy a desire or a need. In order to be a consumer and acquire that product or service, a financial transaction has to be

Yoga is a excercise, practice or discipline that involves the mind, the body and the spirit. There are many diferent types and yoga’s schools all around the world. It is practiced specialy in Hindu and Buddhist societies. It is an ancient practice, from around the sixth century before Christ that has being changing with the

A goverment is the system or the way that a country or state use to organize and control an specific territory and population. A goverment is the way that the power is distributed and define the actors that would be involved in this system. The goverments have the power to control society, economic, and have

Job is the physical or mental work that a person does in this capitalistic sistem with the propose of earn money. Some people work because of this reason, to earn the money to survive, pay the bills, rent and buy what they need. Other people think about their jobs as the meaning of their existance

Social media or social network is a very popular concept nowadays, and is becoming more and more popular. They are online communication plataforms where people can interact using the available tecnology such us smart phones, tablets and computers. There are many different types of social media with diverse proposed. Those tools are not only useful

Ocean is the earth surface ocupated by the seawater. The oceans are around 4000 millons years old and are divided by big land extentions call continents. There are 5 types of oceans in the planet earth. Pacific Ocean This ocean in about 200.700.000 square kilometers. Is the biggest ocean of the planet earth. It extends